Thursday, January 6, 2022

Calvin Banks Stretches Out Levi Hatter

Another ColbyKnox gym session! This one stars Calvin Banks and Levi Hatter. Calvin is giving Levi some tips for his stomach and leg muscles. Levi, wearing a T-shirt and jock, dutifully follows Calvin's instructions. Calvin's hands are never far from Levi's ass. As Levi stretches out a leg, Calvin fingers him. "Feel that stretch," Calvin wonders. Levi groans "yes." During a hip stretch, Calvin puts his meaty tool on Levi's butt crack. At the last lunge, Calvin places his face right into Levi's hole. "Arch that back for me," Calvin commands. He alternates between fingering and licking. "You ready for your final stretch," Calvin asks. He saddles up to Levi, putting his bare meat into that wet hole. First he gently puts in the tip, but soon he fills Levi up to the brim. "Stretch yourself out," Calvin says as Levi bounces on the big dick. Levi whimpers as he gets stuffed, exhaling every time Calvin's balls slap his ass. "Litt! le trainer's boy," Calvin says. The trainer's boy's mouth needs some exercise too. Levi gets on his knees and swallow's Calvin's johnson. "Fuck. You have such a big dick," Levi whispers. His eyes widen because of all the work. But he gets that cock wet with spit. "I'm not your trainer if I'm not pushing you," Calvin notes, making sure Levi has every inch of dick in his mouth. It's time for another round with Levi's backside. He leans on the barbell, shaking those cheeks in Calvin's direction. He slowly re-enters, making Levi curse and groan. "Fuck, yeah," he whimpers. "You're stretching me out." Calvin picks up the pounding speed, grabbing Levi's jock. He gets on the flat bench, putting his legs in the air. Calvin gets back in, hitting Levi's special spot. "Oh, my God," Calvin utters. "It feels so good." Levi's hole is getting wrecked and he takes it all. "Fuck. I'm going to cum," he sobs. "Pl! ease." He beats his meat, seed landing all over his stoma! ch. Calvin keeps fucking for a few beats. When he pulls out his spurts land on Levi's face, chest, and stomach. Levi takes a taste and the two close the scene with a kiss. So? Did you like it? We hope so!
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Format: mp4
Duration: 24:19
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7109kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

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